Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Modern Technology

I apologize dear Readers for leaving you for over a week. Shame on me! I was in the wilderness of the great state of California- soaking up the waterfalls of Yosemite, wine of the Sierra Foothills, peace of Ojai, and clearing my little mind. I hope you can forgive me for needing to check out from technology for a little while. Does a body good! I did head out to a bar right before I left, purposely choosing a Santa Monica location so that I could easily go out to First Fridays in Venice afterwards.

On the first Friday of the month, Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice is a joyous celebration. The streets are swarmed with people- shops and galleries are open late hosting bands and parties, restaurants are packed, friends snack around yummy food carts, and you can guarantee you will run into someone you know, like it or not. LA lacks a community feel, but Venice is one part of town that really has it. Some locals will argue the high foot traffic and influx of "once a month Venice types" makes First Fridays annoying, but I will never turn down a good street festival and a chance to imagine myself living in the land of hippies and chill cool cats.

My stop was O'Brien's pub on Main Street, right on the border of Santa Monica and Venice. O'Brien's has outdoor seating, a large bar area and a back room that hosts bands. Another Irish Pub in LA that supports local musicians. I like that. There were only a few diners and a couple of guys in their late thirties at the bar, one of whom offered me a seat. My new friend Ed commented on his cell and I joked that his "BlackJack" was not a Blackberry. He argued it does the same job, but I say nothing beats the amazingness of Blackberry Messenger (BBM as the kids call it). BBM is the instant message program between blackberries and is a good way to chat with friends/family and also an interesting chess piece in dating. You can tell when your messages are read and many a relationship can blossom/drama can unfold via BBM. You can have names on your messenger list that you added in happier times, that you'd rather not be reminded of anymore. Unlike just deleting a number in your address book, on BBM you notice when someone axes you. Ouch.

Speaking of PDAs, Ed randomly asked in relation to his latest gal, "Do girls prefer to get to know a guy via text messages or phone calls?" Though Ed offered to buy me a drink, it really takes the pressure off when someone asks advice about another girl. Ed and I had a fascinating no-holds-barred conversation about courting with modern day technology. The rules have changed since the olden days and it's hard to navigate. With a myriad of Facebook options, texts, BBMs, calls, and emails to be had- how does one choose a medium? Which medium to start? When do you switch to a new one or do a repeat? What is the order of progression? It is tragically sad to me how much people communicate via text or BBM in courtship. No large gestures equals less risk. Even ending something does not require an actual conversation in some cases- a few esoteric messages or no reply has become common behavior. Congrats twenty-first century. Way to be progressive.

Ed offered to walk me to meet my friends. We navigated the crowds together while he told me interesting facts about the area. I spotted the screenwriter from my excursion to the Daily Pint in May, written up in the Yellow Heels entry. I yelled to him that he never wrote back to my email. He joked that I wrote terrible things about him in the blog and for a moment I was scared, but he then said he had never even read it. Phew. He asked, "Does that guy knows about the blog? Oh, wait, am I blowing the cover?" I was about to be really embarrassed so I quickly glossed over it, asked how he was, and said I was going to email him again and he best respond! I did not want Ed to think our entire conversation was disingenuous. What are the chances?

Ed left me with my friends and actually emailed me just the other day that his latest girl was over. I asked what medium he chose to end it. It was short-lived and he seems like a classy fellow, so I'm gonna guess he chose the phone. I had a fun remainder of my night galloping through the streets with girlfriends, drinking red wine at Primitivo, and going to random house parties and shops. I saw a friend of a guy I briefly dated across a room at one stop and we made eye contact. I felt my hands reaching for my blackberry, wanting to text him that I ran into his friend, but resisted. Just because pressing a few buttons is easy, does not mean it is the right move.

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