Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Girl at a Bar's Band of the Week

Announcing a side blog venture, Girl at a Bar's Band of the Week!

Throughout my glorious year of going to bars alone, I would dare say I became knowledgeable in the bar scene in Los Angeles. As the year went on, I felt myself gravitate with the same fervor I had toward bar outings to a shelved love- the music scene. From the amazing venues in LA of The Echo/Echoplex, Satellite, Bootleg, Hotel Cafe, Largo, Troubadour, The Mint, Greek, Hollywood Bowl, and many others, I want to share in my music discoveries while I edit the novel and contemplate my existence in the Milky Way. I'm not reviewing music and it won't be long-winded- I'm just bringing what the touring acts and local bands of LA have brought!